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EBO Fact sheet

Services and History

August 23, 2007

American Citizen Services

  • Passport issuance and renewals for American citizens
  • Full notarial services for American business needs and American Citizens
  • True copy and attestation services for American citizens
  • Provide extra pages in U.S. passports
  • Processing and certification of official government forms: for IRS, Socials Security, Homeland Security and other government agencies
  • Assistance with Social Security retirement and Veteran’s issues
  • Emergency services for American citizens

Official Embassy Services

  • Official Cameroon agent to clear diplomatic cargo for embassies located in Yaoundé, Bangui and Ndjamena, plus freight forwarding to embassies in Bangui and Ndjamena
  • Provide representational activities to support the goals of the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé
  • Full travel support for official visitors from the U.S., including currency exchange, hotel reservations, ground transportation and assistance at the Douala Airport
  • Full logistics support for U.S. Embassy events in Douala
  • Procurement and administrative services to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Backup  Procurement services to the U.S. embassies in Yaoundé, Ndjamena and Bangui

Commercial Business Activities

  • Support for the American Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon, the American School of Douala and the Overseas Security Advisory Committee
  • Commercial services to local companies wanting to do business with the United States
  • Drafting of commercial reports for local companies, for submission to the U.S. Department of Commerce, on business opportunities originating from the Cameroon private sector or the government
  • Commercial services to U.S. companies wanting to do business with Cameroon businesses, including the Gold Key Program
  • On request, provide background information to U.S. companies about local Cameroon businesses that seek to do business with U.S. based companies

History of the Embassy Branch Office

  • In 1964, the American Consulate was opened in Douala, seven years after the appointment of the first U.S. Consul in Cameroon and the establishment of the U.S. Consulate in Yaounde.
  • The American Consulate in Douala, closed in 1993, offered a full range of consular services to American citizens abroad, including passport issuance, notarials, attestations, true copies, reports of birth abroad and emergency American citizen services. In addition to these services, the Consulate also maintained a visa issuance section serving Cameroonians and other third-country nationals seeking to visit the United States.
  • In 1993, upon the official closure of the American Consulate Douala, the Central Africa Logistics Office (CALO) was opened. CALO received and forwarded U.S. Government cargo to U.S. embassies in Yaoundé, N’djamena, Bangui and Malabo. CALO also provided American presence and representation in the Littoral province for the American Embassy in Yaoundé
  • In 2000, CALO was renamed the Embassy Branch Office (EBO). It expanded to include most American citizen Services, travel assistance to official American visitors, including airport expediting, motorpool services, foreign currency exchange and hotel reservations. The EGO now provides a full range of support for Commercial activities, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon.
  • EBO Douala currently employs eight Cameroonian nationals and one American officer.

American Presence in Douala

  • There is a substantial American community in Douala.
  • The American School of Douala has an enrollment of over 130 students. Aside from a large American student community, 35% of the student body is Cameroonian. Other nationalities are represented as well.
  • Many American citizens are employed in U.S. companies, such as AES-SONEL; Pecten Cameroon; Transnational Automotive Group Cameroon; Citibank, Chevron Texaco Cameroon; Tidewater Marine International, Inc., Halliburton; United Parcel Service (UPS); American School of Douala; African American Academy and Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO) plus other multinational companies.
  • Most of the American companies are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon, whose headquarters is located in Douala.