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America Investing in Cameroon

US AFRICOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program

US AFRICOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program

Maj. OKEMU Heather, Foreign Area Officer, representing the Ambassador hands over the equipment to the Mayo Lope Governmental Clinic. [USEYde Photo]

US AFRICOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program - School building

The Clinic ward constructed with USG funding under the AFRICOM Humanitarian Assistance project program. [USEYde Photo]

Construction of an integrated health clinic and donation of medical equipment in the north region of Cameroon

Through US AFRICOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program, the US Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon recently attended a dedication ceremony hosted by the people of Mayo Lope.  This ceremony marked the completion of a Humanitarian Assistance Project which funded the construction of an integrated health clinic and the donation of medical equipment and supplies in a local village in the north region of Cameroon.

This project originated in 2008, and the plan was to provide materials and assist in building a new ward within the Integrated Health Center of Mayo Lope.  After having built the new hospital ward with a cost of about 12,000 CFA ($24000), the equipment has arrived and includes items such as hospital beds, surgical equipment and exam tables with an estimated value of 28,500,000 CFA ($60,000). 

Now there is an improved health center that is nearly complete. This pavilion is capable of serving men, women and children.  There are clean spaces and ample equipment for patients who require close monitoring. Our hope is that this hospital provides improved access to health care, particularly for those coming from afar, even from neighboring countries, such as Nigeria.

A representative of the OSC Office participated in the ceremony on behalf of the Embassy.  In attendance from the local community, was the President of the requesting community organization (CODERMA), The Mayor of Bibemi, the Honorable Parliamentarian from the local community, the Deputy Divisional Officer, and a representative of the Minister of Defense.

US AFRICOM sponsors projects such as these in order to promote security by enhancing African Partner capacity by working with Host Nation militaries and civilian populations to improve crisis response capabilities and basic living conditions. There is another dedication ceremony scheduled for September which formally hands over furniture and school supplies to an existing CRESAS center for deaf children in Garoua. This project also supported the construction of two additional classrooms, expanding the facilities to meet the demand of the local population and demonstrating US and DOD commitment to the people and government of Cameroon.

The Operation Security Cooperation Office in Yaounde continues these efforts this year with projects throughout Cameroon which include improvements to the Yaounde Military Hospital Lab, renovation of Limbe Gardens Our Lady of Lordes School, improvements to the 2nd Military Hospital Region in Douala and Medical Assistance Training.  The renovation of the school in Limbe, the improvements of the 2nd Military Hospital Region and the medical assistance training will all be conducted as part of Africa Partnership Station 2012.