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America Investing in Cameroon
Lolodorf Kids

Primary School Kids in Lolodorf with U.S. Embassy Staff. [USEYde Photo]

Lolodorf Kids

More Primary School Kids in Lolodorf. [USEYde Photo]

Rural Villages Get New School and New Latrine, Thanks to Funding from US Embassy Yaounde

Ambassador Jackson awarded $50,000 (25 million FCFA) in grants this year for community-led projects in Cameroon under the Ambassador’s Self-Help program.  Because the communities are responsible for partially subsidizing and managing the implementation process, these projects typically exhibit long-term sustainability. 

Last year, this same grant funded eleven projects, all of which have been monitored by the embassy in order to ensure accountability and transparency.  The public health team, a part of the Embassy’s Political/Economic section, visited two of these sites in March.

Lolodorf, a small village in the South Region of Cameroon, received funding to build four latrines for the local primary school.  Previously, the children at the school had no restroom, forcing them to relieve themselves outdoors.  These practices put them at risk for a multitude of infectious diseases, including cholera.  The installation of this facility was completed in early 2012 and has been maintained diligently by the community.  Water-sanitation projects like this one are key to reducing malnutrition and disease transmission in Cameroon.

Another grant was provided for the village of Zetouk, located in the Littoral Region, for the construction of a primary school.  Zetouk’s current primary school consists of one room, with primary- and nursery-aged children studying together.  The dilapidated infrastructure is crumbling.  The community has already used the first installment of funds to set the building’s foundation, and plans to finish its construction by June.  The U.S. Embassy is proud to invest resources in both Lolodorf and Zetouk through the competitive Ambassador’s Self-Help Program.  For more information on the grant requirements visit the U.S. Embassy’s website at