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Trade Event Schedule

Thanks to international consultants, Cameroon will be holding one of its most prestigious international trade show – promote 2005 – at the Yaounde Conference Center on December 6-12, 2005. Promote is holding once every three years and it is heavily attended by all kinds of companies from the Central African Monetary and Economic union member countries, and agents and representatives of companies from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In addition to Promote, the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce will be holding its traditional annual bazaar convention, Foire Promo 2005 that holds every December of the year around Christmas time at the Yaounde Trade Fair Center. One of such editions of Promo was held on November 30-December 23, 2004. On December 14-19 2004, Yaounde hosted the first edition of the African Continent Agricultural, Fishery, Agro-Industry, and Forestry Trade Fair – S.I.A.E.C.A. 2004. The Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture officially informed the Embassy of the tenure of that event. Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, hosted the first edition of the Wouri Trade Fair held on December 15 - January 3, 2005. The organizer, a local young business association, Le Cacaoyier, communicated the information to the Embassy. The edition will hold same time in 2005.

The foregoing paragraphs outlines some details about the trade fairs.

  1. The International Exhibition For Enterprises – Promote 2005:

    This is an international exhibition that brings together industries of various types and sizes to exhibit their products and services. It is a forum for the exhibition of science and technology, innovations and recent display of know-how. Its first edition that held in 2002 was a brilliant success. It brought together over 748 enterprises of which 211 were from 15 foreign countries among which China, France and Italy had Pavilions.

    The second edition scheduled for December 6-12, 2005 is projected to set a landmark in the business landscape in Cameroon in particular and Africa at large. Preparations are already underway and companies are currently registering. The following address may be useful to any prospective participant desiring to contact the organizers for further information on how to participate in this event: Tel/Fax: (237) 2221 4415, E-mail:,

    The Embassy hopes to organize a “made in USA” pavilion at the Promote 2005 convention for agents, distributors and representatives of U.S. products to take advantage.
  2. The 2004 Edition of the Promo Trade Fair:

    This is an open trade fair that brings together economic actors from all over the Republic and beyond in all sectors of the economy. Over the years it has been operated more as a sales outlet for many companies. The fair ground is segmented into various sector: Industry and Manufacturing; Banks, insurance, other service providers; international consultants; arts and crafts; etc.

    It is a yearly popular event since its inception in 1982 and holds in the month of December usually for a period of between one and two weeks. Booths are available for rents to any economic actor who wishes to get one. There are also open spaces to build temporary booths. The fair is organized in an enclosed open-field having some permanent and semi-permanent constructions. For the year 2004 it held from November 30 - December 23. it is organized by the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Crafts Tel: (237) 2222 1607, Fax: (237) 2222 0155.
  3. S.I.A.E.C.A. 2004:

    The December African Continent Agricultural, Fishery, Agro-Industry and Forestry Trade Fair is expected to spur investment, ameliorate production and develop trade in this sector. The Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture officially launched the event at the press conference in Yaounde on September 3, 2004. In addition to the exhibition, the fair workshops were organized daily to facilitate contacts amongst national and foreign participants. Themes discussed included: the transformation of raw materials, exportation, financing the agricultural sector in Cameroon and sustainable agriculture, etc. The organizers could be contacted at the following number Tel/Fax: (237) 2223 1496. E-mail: .
  4. The Wouri Trade Fair:

    The Wouri Trade fair is a platform for exchange between producers, distributors, representatives, and consumers. It is a support platform for the promotion of enterprises. Its timing at the end of the year, December 15 – January 3, 2004, serves as a stimulator and animator for the end of years festivities. Le Cacaoyier, a newly created association in Douala, is the organizer of the convention and the Promoter of the fair. The association expected over 70,000 visitors on the first edition. The convention held at the Parc des Princes in Bali, Douala. Contact the organizers at the following telephone numbers: (237) 9992 74 86 / 9999 33 72 / 9990 04 15.